SP Wire Features

SP Wire is a hybrid electrode wire consisting of a high tensile strength steel core and a brass outer layer with excellent electrical discharge characteristic. This provides advantages of both tungsten wires and brass wires to have tensile strength equivalent to tungsten wires, and to have higher electrical discharge characteristic than brass wires, which makes the wire less abrasive to rollers and pins in the wire transportation system of EDM. SP Wire is sure to outshine tungsten wires in the ultra-precision cutting field, and also enables a more precise cutting by its high tension in the brass wire territory. The same corner R could be cut with a wire with diameter one rank thicker, because of the narrower cutting widths by SP Wire,thus the cutting speed is far much increased with SP Wire. Further, in the field of fine wire below 0.1mmφ, times of replacement of electrode wire in a cutting process can be far reduced with SP Wire. Together with features described above, SP Wire enables to shorten cutting hours, reduce costs, and shorten delivery lead time.

SP Wire

 SP Wire Properties

SP Wire, which exerts great power in precision and microcutting, has a double-layered structure consisting of a high tensile strength steel core and an outer layer with high electrical discharge characteristic. The high voltage working current tends to flow through the outer layer,therefore,this double-layered structure enables the SP Wire excellent in electrical properties. The wire has superior cutting properties combining advantages of both conventional tungsten wires and brass wires.The cutting results vary depending on cutting conditions, but some examples by our own comparison are shown below:

SP Wire SP Wire SP Wire

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