SP Wire Uses

SP Wire turns out to be excellent when used in the ultra-precision and the super fine microcutting (wire diameter below 0.1mmφ), that had been made possible only by tungsten wires or molybdenum wires.SP Wire is approved and recommended by major EDM manufacturers as the best electrode wire.

① Electrode Wire for Ultra-precision Metal Molds

Lead frame molds, connector molds, engineering plastic molds, precision parts molds

② Electrode Wire for Microcutting

precision gears, textile nozzles, shaped dies, precision parts processing, pinhole processing

 SP Wire Advantages

 High Tensile Strength

Tensile strength largely affects cutting precision and speed. SP Wire has a special piano wire core with high tensile strength, and its sufficient tension enables high precision, high speed cutting with less breakage.

 Cutting speed

Improvement of 10% over tungsten wire, thanks to SP wire’s high electrical conductivity.

 Surface roughness

Due to its excellent ED stability and high tensile strength, SP wire provides fine surface roughness as good or better than that of brass wire.

 Cutting width (clearance)

With its high tensile strength and stable ED characteristics, SP wire provides precise fine cutting whose cutting width (clearance) is narrower than that of tungsten wire or brass wire, and the corner radius is smaller than that with tungsten wire. Thus, the same cutting accuracy can be obtained with one size larger SP wire, to make a much faster cutting speed

 Abrasion of wire guides

Since SP wire has a smooth and soft surface, abrasion of the wire guides (electro-feeding pins, guide rollers, etc.) of EDM is far less than that with tungsten wire, reducing operating costs.

 Automatic wire joining

SP wire has excellent straightness, allowing a high rate of automatic wire joining.

 Surface stability

Unlike tungsten wire, SP wire is rather hard to cause surface oxidation. Remained wire can therefore be stored easily.

 HOMO phenomenon

The HOMO phenomenon, an unstable ED that occurs when cutting a tungsten-containing work piece (e.g., tungsten carbide) with a tungsten wire, does not occur with SP wire.

 An easy method for setting the cutting conditions

To find the optimum cutting conditions for SP wire, first set the cutting conditions for a brass wire electrode having a diameter equal to SP wire. Then gradually increase the wire tension until the SP wire breaks. The optimum tension is that just before breakage. Recommended cutting condition data for SP Wire could be obtained from major ED machine manufacturers.

 Longer continuous length

SP wire provides a longer continuous length per reel: 5,000m/reel, 10,000m/reel and 20,000m/reel,30,000m/reel and 40,000m/reel, while that of tungsten wire is 3,000 – 5,000m/reel. Thus, longer continuous operation and higher productivity could be achieved.

 Cost performance

In addition to the excellent properties above, SP wire is far less expensive than tungsten wire, providing an excellent cost performance.

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