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FluoroBonder(Fluoropolymer Etching Agent)

Fluoropolimer Etching Agent

FluoroBonder-E (etching agent) is a safe, effective, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use surface treatment agent.

SP Wire (Electrode Wires for EDM)

Consumables for electric discharging machine

▪SP Wire (Electrode Wires for EDM)
SP Wire is a hybrid double-layer electrode wire consisting of a high strength special steel wire core and a copper alloy outer layer with excellent electrical properties, having similar advantages of both tungsten wires and brass wires.

▪Silver tangsten electrode for EDM
▪Copper tangsten electrode for EDM
▪Pipe electrodes

Stainless Steel Products

▪Stainless steel wires(for screen, screw, spring, fine cutting materials)
▪Stainless steel sheets
▪Stainless steel screws, pins and nails (standard and custom made)
▪Matal screens (various kinds of screens, stainless steel screens)
▪Springs (wire, leaf and precision springs)
▪Machining services (milling, corner breaking, screw cutting, heading,forming and pressing)

Special Steel wires

▪music wire, hard drawn steel wire, plated wire, and shaped
▪Titanium wires (purified or alloyed)

Fishing Goods

▪Super Lock(Jointing sleeves for tuna long line)