What is FluoroBonder(Fluoropolymer Etching Agent)

FluoroBonder(Fluoropolymer Etching Agent)

Solution for fluoropoiymer bonding,plating,printing,and coloring !

Changing the surface “Repellency Bondable”,easily

▪Proven superior etching effectiveness
▪High safety(will not be ignited upon contact with water)
▪Excellent cost performance
▪FluoroBonder-E alone can serve usual surface treatment,but its viscosity is easily adjusted by mixing with FluoroBonder-T,if necessary.

Nonstick cookware is a typical example of fluoropolymer application utilizing its excellent water repellency (hydrophobicity). This water-repellent property, however, is disadvantageous when bonding is required. For bonding something to fluoropolymer, a specific treatment is required to alter the surface of fluoropolymer to be bondable (hydrophilicity). But the conventional surface treatment requires specially designed working environment and expensive equipment to avoid hazard happenings, and what’s more the results could not be satisfactory enough.FluoroBonder-E (etching agent) is a safe, effective, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use surface treatment agent that solves such problems.

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