Application Method

Etching process of FluoroBonder is usually made as follows:

① Pre-Treatment

Rinse the object with an organic solvent such as acetone, MEK, methanol, etc., to remove pollutants and dirt, and then dry.

② Surface Treatment

Bring the refrigerated FluoroBonder-E (etching agent) back to room temperature, and pour the necessary amount into a container. When shake the bottle, sometimes,sound of solid which consist active ingredient in the bottle is heard. In this case,shake the bottle well, and then dissolve the solid, until no sound is heard and active ingredient is become uniform.

③ Etching time

Fluorine extraction reaction of FluoroBonder-E is more active when the content of fluorine in the polymer is higher and the molecular structure is less complicated.Thus, the adequate etching time depends on the kind of fluoropolymer as shown below. In all cases, the etching takes only a short time.
❊Allowable extension of the etching time depends on processing conditions, but it could be ten or so times longer than the following specified time without any problem.

PTFE Approx. 3 seconds
FEP・PFA Approx. 7 seconds
Fluoro-rubber Approx. 15 seconds
ECTFE・ETFE・PVDF Approx. 25 seconds

④ Post-treatment

After past the time of etching of set, take out etched object from FluoroBonder soon, clean it first with an organic solvent, and then with warm water ( ~ 80℃), and dry.Cleaning order of organic solvent and warm water may be reversed. Insufficient washing may cause down of treatment effect, repeat washing which organic solvent and hot water. Cleanness of the organic solvent and hot water should be controlled precisely for a good etching results.

 Shelf Life of the FluoroBonder-E

Our quality assurance is valid for 6 months after the date of shipment if the products are unopened and stored in a refrigerator. In this condition, FluoroBonder could be used mostly for almost one year after the date of shipment.FluoroBonder is affected by oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity in the air. After opening the bottle use up FluoroBonder as soon as possible and avoid contact with the air for keeping the shelf life longer.

 FluoroBonder-T(Thinner for FluoroBonder-E)

FluoroBonder-E alone can serve most usual surface treatment purpose, however sometimes, viscosity adjustment of the FluoroBonder-E improves process efficiency, workability and cost-efficiency, in such cases as printed circuit board through hole plating, stabilizing consecutive processing or reducing solid deposits. The viscosity adjustment is easily possible simply by mixing of FluoroBonder-E and FluoroBonder-T at the time of etching. (The mixing ratio could be at any rate up to 1:5 of E to T)

 Product identification

FluoroBonder-E and FluoroBonder-T will be supplied in steel cans as shown in the following tables:

100g / canProduct code E01
500g / canProduct code E05
1,000g / canProduct code E10
4kg / can Product code E40
16kg / can Product code E160

100g / canProduct code T01
500g / canProduct code T05
1,000g / canProduct code T10
4kg / canProduct code T40
16kg / canProduct code T160

 Major properties of FluoroBonder

AppearanceDark green
CompositionSodium / naphthalene complex solvent solution
Boiling pointApprox. 90℃
Flash pointApprox. 1℃
Auto ignition pointApprox. 190℃


▪FluoroBonder is flammable and volatile, and may be ignited with naked flame.
▪Vapor of FluoroBonder has naphthalene and ether odor, and excessive inhalation may cause dizziness or respiratory irritation.
▪Contact with skin or eyes may cause irritation or burns.
▪Sufficient ventilation, and use of safety goggles, rubber or polyethylene gloves and aprons upon application of FluoroBonder are recommended.

 FluoroBonder Uses

Major uses of the FluoroBonder are shown below.

Fields Of Industry Example of Use

surface treatment of oil seal, gasket, and molded articles

Electric Wires

pre treatment for potting, bonding, coloring and printing of fluoropolymer insulated wires・cables


pre treatment for junction stabilization coloring and printing of catheters, tubes and endoscopes

Electrical and Electronics

pre treatment for surface bonding of heat transfer rolls,fluoropolymer printed circuit board through hole plating,improvement of plating,bonding・stabilizing of heat sensors and light sensors


hydrophilic treatment of fuel cell separator, etc.


pre treatment for coloring, printing and bonding on fluoropolymer sheets and signboards


pre treatment bonding, coloring and printing of fluoropolymer tubes, containers, cases, etc.


pre treatment bonding, color plating, printing, etc. on fluoropolymer sheets, tubes,  molded articles, etc.